RelbanE has publishing in our DNA; RelbanE Founder Edward Weinhaus is a direct descendant of Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press. Edward began his media career in 1992, when he worked as a credentialed, investigative reporter on Capitol Hill.

RelbanE combines its experience in technology, publishing, management and marketing to provide a full suite of media services to clients.

RelbanE has three Content Strategy Disciplines unmatched by any of our peers. We are literally reinventing the monetization of media.
*Keep an eye out for our as-yet-unreleased efforts to monetize book self-publishing as part of our Mobile division.

RelbanE's Media division has four practice areas:


We have been publishing for more than 15 years; our media roots are digital. Our clients span the most advanced digital platforms to the stodgiest of old-world media.

  • Big Media
    Our big media partners have included nearly every major US Newspaper Publisher.
  • Specialty Publications We have 'cornered' the market in developing private label speciality publications, including our speciality publication covering Bitcoin convergence.
    Our publications have become staples of discussion on the floors of Congress and are oft-cited on Wikipedia.
  • Data Driven News
    RelbanE is the market leader in data-driven news. Data serves as one of the foundations of the Content Pyramid (below). RelbanE created one of the largest local news organizations in the United States (BlockShopper->Journatic->LocalLabs). RelbanE developed each and every one of the news-gathering items from data gathering/cleaning to editorial workflow.
    In 2005, RelbanE acted as lead consultant in creating a publication covering the data from the 50 Attorneys General.


  • Creative Process Execution
    RelbanE has helped restructure and scale the creative process for platforms that earn 100MM pageviews per month.
    RelbanE also advises small, independent publiations on establishing a brand and voice.
  • Content Pyramid
    RelbanE developed the content pyramid with 4 platforms of the Creative Process and 5 dimensions of execution.
  • Transactional Publishing
    Based on concepts developed on behalf of newspaper clients, RelbanE has established a unique perspective on the creative process for any organization. In short, "Transactional Publishing" is to simplify and automate the process of publishing that which it is your company does.
  • 'Freeferral' Business Model
    Paying for leads directly is one way to get business. Being referred out by other professionals is another. RelbanE Media has created the first publishing model based on the "Freeferral". Its profitable from Day one. Let us know if we can help you devise your content strategy using the "Freeferral" business model.


RelbanE Media works with clients to first execute an "engaging content" process through our Content Strategy practice. Strategy without execution is theory. We will offer to execute your strategy for you as well.

Proprietary Instagram Promotion Platform

RelbanE Media has established a social media executin team to execute your strategy specifically on Instagram.

Social Engagement Execution

Social media is a lot of work. Let our team establish your social media presence and serially engage your audience.


RelbanE develops mobile apps via its RightSizer technology division and will coordinate any Media strategy with mobile in mind. RelbanE is feverishly developing a business model and execution platform to monetize book self-publishing as part of our Mobile division.